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Handling Difficult Birth Injury Matters

The anticipated birth of a child should be a joyful time for parents. Few expectant parents know that 27 in every 1,000 births involve some type of birth injury. Birth injuries can result from negligent medical care during pregnancy, during labor or after delivery. Some of these injuries cause lifetime disabilities.

Caring for a child with a disability is difficult, and dealing with a legal claim can be stressful.

We understand. Since 1965, we have successfully represented many medical malpractice victims. We are the medical malpractice lawyers at Arye, Lustig & Sassower, P.C.

Could your child have suffered birth injuries? Find out for sure. Call us: 212-732-4992 or 800-574-4LAW. Free consultation.

How We Prepare Your Case

Our attorneys work with medical and nursing experts to examine the events leading up to the injury to determine whether all reasonable and customary care was provided to the mother and child.

  • Did medical staff fail to identify the risk of premature labor so efforts could be taken to prevent early delivery?
  • Did medical staff fail to identify the start of delivery, resulting in the mother being unattended or not being monitored during early labor?
  • Did medical staff fail to identify fetal distress, a reduced heartbeat or lack of oxygen going to the baby, causing brain damage (hypoxia) and possibly cerebral palsy?
  • Did the midwife or doctor make mistakes in extracting the baby, leading to Erb’s palsy/brachial plexus palsy or shoulder dystocia?
  • Did the baby suffer brain damage or nerve damage and facial paralysis from improper use of forceps or a vacuum extractor?
  • Was the mother given too much Pitocin, causing excessively hard labor and injury to the mother or baby?
  • Did medical staff fail to perform a C-section delivery where appropriate?

No settlement can compensate for an injury to an infant. However, we know that families dealing with the tragedy of a birth injury will face significant medical expenses. These children can often benefit from ongoing therapy and rehabilitation services, and may have special educational needs. All of these needs can be helped with the funds obtained in a medical malpractice case.

The attorneys at Arye, Lustig & Sassower, P.C., are focused on helping ensure your family has the resources your child needs. We have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for medical malpractice victims.

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If your child suffered a birth injury as a result of an error before birth or in the delivery room, contact Arye, Lustig & Sassower, P.C., by email, call our Manhattan offices locally at 212-732-4992 or call us toll free at 800-574-4LAW. Your first consultation is free of charge. Also, you will owe no attorney’s fees unless we secure money damages for you.

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