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Premises Liability Cases

  • $2.21 million settlement during trial for catastrophic injuries for premises liability for 25-year old woman working as live-in nanny who was exposed to toxic acetone fumes when employer’s home was cleaned (without her knowledge) to remove paint. She suffered toxic demyelination of the brain.
  • $1.35 million settlement for premises liability for 37-year old woman who tripped and fell on a broken sidewalk that was undergoing repair that lacked adequate warnings to alert her. She suffered multiple injuries, including her neck, lower back and right knee, which required surgery.
  • $950,000 settlement for premises liability for 30-year old inmate at a drug rehabilitation facility who was injured when he was using a weight-lifting machine and a cable snapped, causing a bar that he was pulling down to crash into his neck. Our client suffered herniated cervical discs that required surgery, including cervical decompression and fusion.
  • $725,000 settlement for premises liability for 60-year old woman who slipped on slippery, waxed floor in basement of apartment building where she lived, and suffered comminuted fracture of the patella (knee cap) that required surgery. Although the building’s maintenance staff claimed that appropriate warning signs were in place, this was disputed by our client.
  • $650,000 settlement for premises liability for 50-year old tenant who fell entering elevator in his apartment building that was misleveled, and suffered injuries to the neck and back. He required two laminectomy/fusion operations for the lumbosacral spine; but defendants argued that his surgery was due to serious motor vehicle accident that occurred six years earlier.
  • $650,000 settlement for premises liability for 49-year old electrician who slipped and fell on water that dripped from ice being delivered to food vendors at Convention Center where he was employed. He suffered left knee injury requiring arthroscopic surgery for torn cartilage and aggravation of prior back injury due to his altered gait.
  • $500,000 settlement for premises liability for 55-year old electrician who slipped and fell on wet floor near dumpster and suffered shoulder injury with rotator cuff tear that required arthroscopic shoulder surgery and open rotator cuff repair, as well as further surgery for recurrent rotator cuff tear; and our client also injured his lumbosacral spine requiring surgery, including laminectomy and disectomy.
  • $500,000 settlement for premises liability for 36-year-old firefighter who fell on rusted and bent steps on fire escape, with resulting aggravation of pre-existing herniated/bulging lumbosacral discs.
  • $500,000 settlement for premises liability for woman who slipped and fell on oil in elevator which had been applied to the walls of the elevator to remove graffiti. She suffered herniated disc at L4-5 requiring surgery for fusion.
  • $485,000 settlement for premises liability for 20-year old man who tripped and fell due to a broken step in the stairway of an apartment house. As a result, he suffered a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee that required surgery.
  • $435,000 settlement for premises liability for 45-year old woman who was injured in laundry room of her apartment building when the bottom metal door of the dryer struck her leg, causing contusion of the lower leg with resulting reflex sympathetic dystrophy (complex regional pain syndrome) of the lower extremity.

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