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Medical Malpractice Cases: Successful Outcomes

  • $6.2 million settlement for medical malpractice for 49-year old woman who underwent relatively routine abdominal surgery for subtotal colectomy with ileosigmoidostomy for recurrent diverticulitis. During this procedure she developed a volvulus of the small intestine which effectively cut off the blood supply to the small intestine and caused the distal 2/3’s to become enviable. This necessitated the removal of most of her small intestine with resulting short gut syndrome which required combined small intestine and pancreas transplant.
  • $4 million settlement for medical malpractice for 47-year old woman who underwent significant, but uneventful abdominal surgery; but she suffered stroke with hemiparesis when hospital incorrectly placed triple-lumen catheter in her carotid artery rather than her jugular vein.
  • $3 million settlement for medical malpractice for 48-year old man who underwent routine blood tests that showed moderately elevated PSA levels, which are an early sign of prostate cancer. However, his physician failed to inform him and did nothing for 1-1/2 years until the PSA levels had doubled and the prostate cancer had spread, thereby reducing his opportunity for a favorable outcome and requiring him to undergo radical prostatectomy, radiation and chemotherapy.
  • $3 million settlement during trial for catastrophic injuries for medical malpractice for 73-year old patient who was undergoing routine bypass surgery but was given blood transfusion with the wrong blood type, and suffered renal failure and below-knee leg amputation.
  • $2 million settlement for medical malpractice for 16-year old victim of knife attack, where the hospital failed to detect and treat a hole in his intestine, which resulted in feces getting into his lungs.
  • $1.75 million settlement for medical malpractice for woman who suffered glomerular nephritis.
  • $1 million settlement for medical malpractice for 69-year old woman who received a cervical epidural steroid injection that was improperly performed, with resulting partial paralysis of the right upper extremity and with permanent right wrist drop. The settlement obtained the full amount of the defendant’s insurance coverage.
  • $750,000 settlement for medical malpractice for 69-year old woman who suffered right foot drop due to peroneal nerve injury during hip replacement surgery.
  • $550,000 settlements for medical malpractice for a 52-year old man who suffered drop foot as a result of hip replacement surgery.
  • $500,000 settlement for medical malpractice for 59-year old woman who was being treated for diabetes, high blood pressure and renal failure, and suffered nerve damage of the left (non-dominant) arm during vein arterial graft for dialysis.
  • $400,000 settlement for medical malpractice for 29-year old woman who underwent prolonged labor with uterine atony due to delay in performing C-section, with resulting post-Cesarean hemorrhage that required supracervical hysterectomy.

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