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Catastrophic Injuries And Significant Recoveries

  • $7.5 Million settlement pursuant to high-low agreement (after jury verdict for $15.3 Million) for catastrophic injuries in construction accident for 42-year old steamfitter who fell from ladder due to extreme heat conditions which caused him to become woozy, with resulting comminuted fracture of the left humerus, two broken ribs, nondisplaced fractures of the pelvis, and head trauma resulting in post-traumatic epilepsy and psychiatric problems from organic brain syndrome and diffuse axonal injury. Verdict included $5 Million award for injured worker’s wife for loss of services.
  • $4 Million settlement for catastrophic injuries in construction accident for 48-year old electrician who fell 40 feet through sheetrock that covered top of elevator shaftway and landed on top of the elevator car. He suffered severe internal injuries, including massive abdominal hemorrhage and ruptured pancreas, burst fracture of T-10 vertebra, and crush injuries of the right ankle and right hand; and he died 12 days later.
  • $3 Million settlement during trial for catastrophic injuries for medical malpractice for 73-year old patient who was undergoing routine bypass surgery but was given blood transfusion with the wrong blood type, and suffered renal failure and below-knee leg amputation.
  • $2.21 Million settlement during trial for catastrophic injuries for premises liability for 25-year old woman working as live-in nanny who was exposed to toxic acetone fumes when employer’s home was cleaned (without her knowledge) to remove paint. She suffered toxic demyelination of the brain.
  • $1.775 million settlement for catastrophic injury for 56-year old elevator mechanic who was injured while performing an elevator repair at the defendant’s apartment building. Our client was using the aluminum ladder that was given to him by the building’s maintenance staff to climb up from the elevator pit; and the ladder, which was cracked and broken, slipped and fell, causing him to fall several feet. He sustained a trimalleolar fracture of the left ankle with a severely comminuted and displaced intraarticular pilon fracture which required multiple surgical procedures, including open reduction and internal fixation.
  • Award of damages of over $1 million for catastrophic injuries in AMTRAK train derailment for 44-year old passenger who suffered acute burst/compression fracture of T-12 vertebra body, as well as injuries to her neck and low back, and resulting depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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