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DOB shuts down hundreds of unsafe construction sites

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Construction Accidents

There are hundreds of construction projects underway at any given time in New York City, from road repairs to building renovations. And each of these projects involves materials, workers and equipment that can be dangerous and put individuals at risk of getting hurt.

Despite the numerous regulations to ensure these sites are safe, many remain a threat to people’s safety.

“Glaring safety violations”

Recently, the Department of Buildings closed down 322 construction sites across New York City, citing serious safety violations. 

According to reports, the DOB closed down:

  • 113 sites in Brooklyn
  • 83 sites in Manhattan
  • 69 sites in Queens
  • 54 sites in the Bronx
  • Three sites in Staten Island

The number of closures represents a small fraction of the tens of thousands of projects happening in New York City right now, but 322 unsafe job sites are still far too many. Every worksite should be safe and compliant with regulations to ensure workers are protected from danger.

What makes a worksite unsafe?

Worksites can be unsafe and at risk of being shut down for a wide range of reasons. Some of the common violations can include:

  • Improper use of fall protection systems
  • Failure to correct non-compliant conditions
  • Failure to train workers
  • Defective or unsafe scaffolding
  • Failure to establish a controlled access zone
  • Improper use of construction tools and equipment

These and other measures put workers and bystanders in danger. They increase the likelihood of accidents like falling or being struck by something, which can be catastrophic or fatal.

Taking action after a construction accident

This recent safety sweep should serve as a reminder that at any given time, dozens of worksites can be unsafe. And they don’t always get shut down or cited before a devastating construction accident occurs.

Thus, if you or your loved one does get injured on a construction site, you can consult an attorney to take legal action against a negligent or reckless party responsible for the accident.

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