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Crane accident injures 22 in Texas

by | Oct 3, 2020 | Personal Injury

New Yorkers look up and see cranes high above construction sites around the city, sometimes more than one for a large site. Many no doubt wonder how two crane operators avoid bumping into or getting tangled up with each other. The answer is that they do not always prevent it.

Cables get tangled

For example, in September, a crane accident in Austin, Texas, made national news when two cranes got their cables tangled. It led to injuries to 22 workers on the site. Eight ambulances were dispatched to the accident with 16 taken to the hospital, one with serious injuries.

Battalion Chief Mark Bridges later said at a news conference that the foundations under the cranes were stable, but that the cables were tangled, perhaps due to a strong gust of wind.

“This just happened to be two cranes working, we’re not sure how or why, but they did get entangled,” the chief said. “Since they are attached at the top, we don’t want the wind to cause further problems.”

Where was the boss?

Construction sites in New York are shut down from time to time due to wind. While there is no official cause for the crane accident at this time, those in charge of the construction site are responsible for the workers’ safety. More than anyone, they should understand the dangers of operating heavy machinery in a stiff wind.

Construction workers have rights

Construction sites are dangerous places to work for a countless number of reasons. This is why it is essential for developers, contractors and owners to emphasize safety by providing as safe as possible work environments with proper protocols and equipment.

Injured workers who feel that this was the case with their injuries may want to speak with a personal injury attorney. Whether in Texas, here in New York or elsewhere, these legal professionals can provide valuable guidance to ensure that the victims are properly compensated for their injuries.

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