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Damages that could be available after a construction accident

Construction site accidents are often catastrophic. They can result in disfiguring injuries, long-term or permanent disability, or even death. Getting medical treatment and paying the bills while being unable to work can quickly get unmanageable, making it tempting to accept any financial offer that you might get.

However, before you accept a settlement or even consider engaging in negotiations, it is crucial to understand the damages you could be entitled to in the aftermath of a construction accident.

Types of damages

In any accident, there can be injuries. In construction accidents, the likelihood of catastrophic injuries is high. A person may have:

  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Severe burns
  • Amputations
  • Crushing injuries

However, these and other physical injuries only account for some of the damages that a person experiences.

After a severe accident, a person may be unable to work or care for themselves. The stress of the accident and recovery process can damage relationships and lead to depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Victims can pass away, leaving a family without their love and support.

In other words, damages are not just physical injuries. They include lost wages, loss of support, emotional distress and the ongoing cost of seeking care.

What may not be in that settlement offer

When an insurance company or other party initially offers a settlement after an accident, the chances are high that it will not compensate victims or their families for all these damages fully.

A settlement may cover medical expenses related to the accident, but it may not adequately address future care needs, loss of future earning capacity or the non-economic damages a person suffers.

To maximize the compensation you may be in a position to receive, think carefully before agreeing to any settlement. Consult an attorney as soon as possible and take the time to examine what you and your family deserve after a devastating construction accident.

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