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Construction Worker Struck And Killed By Falling Excavator Bucket

A construction worker in the South Bronx was struck and killed by an excavator bucket on Saturday, July 13th, while attempting to weld it. According to an article by NBC New York, the bucket, which weighs more than 2000 pounds, fell on the worker at New York Recycling. While coworkers called emergency services, medics pronounced the individual dead at the scene.

NYC’s construction workers brave the perils of dangerous jobs

There have been a string of construction worker accidents and deaths recently in New York City. During a single week in April, three construction workers lost their lives on the job—one by falling debris, one due to a fall from a 13-story building, and another worker who was crushed by a crane’s counterweight in Brooklyn.

These incidents highlight the importance for worker safety while on construction sites. Though NYC has laws in place to protect those in construction, accidents can still happen, and construction workers and their loved ones are left facing the brunt of the consequences.

Workers have rights, and they should be protected

Construction workers everywhere face serious dangers on the job. But in New York City particularly, the stakes are often higher. Buildings are taller, there may be more pressure from contractors and companies to expedite work, and several other factors can contribute to the mounting spate of worker injuries and deaths in the past few months.

Nevertheless, safety should always be a top priority, and lawmakers and attorneys have fought to make sure that the right protections are in place. An experienced construction accident attorney can help an injured worker or their loved ones navigate the legal field, and can place them in a position to protect their rights and obtain all benefits to which they are entitled under the law.

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