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Construction worker crushed, loses legs in Long Island accident

Many New York construction workers are subjected to dangerous conditions that put their well-being (and sometimes their lives) at risk. A recent Daily News story described a horrific Long Island construction accident that left a worker with both legs severed below the knee.

When the accident occurred, the 39-year-old victim was working for Grace Industries, which was installing a gas main under a street in Roslyn Heights, according to the Daily News. A steel plate struck the worker, knocking him into a hole, and then landed on him, the story said.

When on-the-job negligence causes worker suffering

Work was stopped on the gas-main project, which belonged to National Grid, a British utility company that provides gas and electric service to customers in New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The injured worker was initially treated by first-responding Nassau County police officers and then hospitalized, according to the Daily News.

On-the-job negligence causes many serious construction-worker injuries, some of them fatal, in and around New York City. A great number of preventable accidents occur simply because contractors and project owners value profits over human lives.

What if I am injured or one of my family members is hurt on the job?

As a worker, your main obligation is to earn a living and provide for your family. An injury can keep you from working now and significantly affect your future.

Your employer has legal responsibilities with regard to worker safety, and you have important legal rights if you get hurt on the job. You may be entitled to money damages through a third-party claim, but that money doesn’t come automatically. If your family has been affected by a construction accident, get the legal advice you need, as soon as possible.

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