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10 things you should know about NYC construction injuries

Most of us know that construction is hard work that requires physical energy, mental focus, skill and courage. Many people in New York City know (often from reading the news) that too many workers get hurt on the job.

Myths and misinformation abound when it comes to injuries experienced by NYC construction workers. Here are 10 important things to understand about construction accidents.

Important facts for workers and their families

  1. New York City is in the middle of a construction boom. According to the New York Post, a record 168,243 construction permits were issued by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) in 2017.
  2. According to the Post, the number of DOB-reported construction injuries during the first seven months of 2018 was 17 percent higher than during the first seven months of 2017.
  3. Statewide, 2016 was the deadliest year for construction workers since 2002, with 71 workers perishing in construction-related accidents in New York State; 21 of them died in New York City.
  4. The New York City Council has enacted a law that calls for mandatory safety training for many construction workers.
  5. Workers’ compensation insurance is NOT the only source of compensation available to injured workers.
  6. Insurance companies exist to make profits, not to help those hurt by the organizations and individuals they cover. Many times, their attorneys will fight to minimize and deny claims made by the injured and their families.
  7. In some cases, a third-party claim (a lawsuit) can be used to obtain additional or separate money damages and hold negligent parties accountable.
  8. Almost all construction injury attorneys provide a free initial consultation to injured workers and their families.
  9. Generally, construction injury attorneys do not collect any upfront legal fees from injured workers and their families.
  10. The law puts certain time limits on injury claims (lawsuits). It is very important to understand these limits if you plan to bring a claim against a negligent party.

What to do if you or a loved one experiences a construction injury

Learn about your rights. Protect your rights. Get legal advice as soon as possible if you or a loved one suffered an injury on a construction site.

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