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The epidemic continues: Construction worker dies in Gramercy Park

Recently, another New York City construction worker died at another non-union job site that had received numerous safety complaints. In his comments about the fatal accident on 24th Street near Park Avenue, the president of the Building and Construction Trades Council described the pattern of tragic construction-worker deaths as an “out of control epidemic.”

According to the Daily News, a 33-year-old worker fell about 100 feet down an elevator shaft while installing an elevator car in a new 12-story hotel. The man was reportedly not attached to safety equipment that could have preserved his life. The Daily News also reported that the job site was the subject of 17 complaints to the city’s Department of Buildings over the past year.

Luxury properties, dead workers

Why do developers continue to build expensive properties in some of the city’s hottest areas while neglecting the basic rights of the workers on their sites? Why do they hire contractors that use non-union labor and repeatedly violate basic safety rules?

Because it’s much cheaper to do it that way, and there is little real accountability for these developers. Because, within their business model, money is ultimately more important than human lives. Case after case shows us that cutting corners for the sake of profit has horrible consequences.

Were you hurt? Was a family member injured or killed?

If you or a family member was injured while working construction, you should talk to an attorney about your legal rights, as soon as possible. You may be able to obtain a significant financial award for your injuries and losses by asserting a third-party injury or wrongful death claim (lawsuit), which is different from workers’ comp.


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