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Queens construction negligence: 8-year-old hit in head by plank

Each year, dozens of New York City construction workers are seriously hurt and killed while doing their jobs. Many of these deaths and life-changing injuries are preventable, caused by the negligence of project owners and contractors who sometimes show flagrant disregard for worker safety.

But innocent pedestrians and passers-by are injured on a regular basis, too. And some of them die. You may recall that in February 2016 a man was killed in TriBeCa when a huge construction crane fell to the street and caused massive destruction.


A close call for a child and her family

Fortunately, an 8-year-old girl who was hit in the head by a plank survived her injuries with a head wound requiring three staples — and two horrified parents. She could have easily been killed.

The New York Post reported that the girl was injured on the morning of Friday, February 23, in Jackson Heights when a piece of wood dropped — or was thrown by an incredibly careless worker — from a fourth floor window as she and her unsuspecting family were walking to the park. The Department of Buildings reportedly issued a stop-work order in the aftermath of the injury.

Innocent bystanders can assert a claim for money damages

If you or one of your loved ones was hurt on or near a construction site or because of the negligence of a construction company, get legal advice right away. You may be entitled to a financial award for your injuries and losses with the help of an experienced injury attorney.


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