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Preventing construction injuries: Planning, execution or both?

In an age of fantastic technology, plentiful information and unprecedented digital communication, construction workers continue to suffer as a result of serious accidents that could have been prevented. Why do worker deaths and injuries continue to be such a serious problem in New York City and elsewhere?

By now, everyone in the construction industry is aware of fundamental safety principles. So is it a matter of planning or execution? Are people getting hurt because of deficiencies in training or accountability? Is the issue sloppiness, negligence or basic human greed? These are critical questions that demand answers.

Cutting corners or taking responsibility for safety?

Most contractors are well versed in the rules of safety. Some builders are known for trying to cut corners on safety to maximize profits, which shows a frightening lack of concern for the people who work for them.

According to Construction World, these steps, among numerous others, can help keep workers safe:

  • Keeping teams up to date on important information with daily safety meetings
  • Being responsive to changing weather conditions, especially during winter and in other challenging types of weather
  • Ensuring that workers have adequate breaks and proper hydration to minimize fatigue and other dangerous factors
  • Always providing and enforcing the use of proper gear (like nonslip footwear) and safety equipment (like harnesses)

Get a lawyer’s help if you need it

All construction workers have the right to a safe work environment. If you or someone you love was hurt on an NYC construction job, talk to an attorney about your legal rights.

Injured workers and their families may be entitled to money damages through a third-party claim, which is different from workers’ comp. A free, confidential consultation is available.


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