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Fatal sanitation accident: NYC worker’s family is awarded $41M

Sometimes we fail to appreciate the workers who keep our communities clean and organized. Sanitation workers deserve respect and proper compensation for the challenges and risks they face — and they may need legal help when they get hurt on the job.

Two recent cases underscore the kinds of danger that sanitation workers have to deal with at times. One fatal New York City accident, in particular, reminds us that tragedy can change lives.

A deadly accident in Queens and a severe injury in the Bronx

As reported by the New York Daily News, a 43-year-old sanitation worker was crushed by a colleague’s street sweeper in 2014. He was working on his own sweeper in a New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) garage when he was run over.

A more recent DSNY accident was not fatal but still frightening: A 19-year department veteran sustained nerve damage and almost lost his arm when it was sucked into his street sweeper in the Bronx.

A large verdict for the family

The deceased worker’s family was awarded $41 million by a jury in Queens. He left behind a wife and four young children.

Many such lawsuits take into account not just medical and/or rehabilitative costs and lost past and future income, but also the conscious pain and suffering experienced by a worker who is hurt because of negligence. Other types of damages may be awarded.

If your family is suffering

If you or someone you love was seriously hurt on the job, or if you need information about wrongful death claims, talk to an attorney who understands how to obtain maximum money damages for injured people and their families. You may be entitled to a financial award through a third-party claim, which is different from workers’ comp.


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