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Tragic violence, and new fears, hit a Manhattan construction site

New York City construction workers know that their job can be dangerous and stressful. Serious injuries occur far too often on construction sites. In 2017, several workers lost their lives while doing their jobs.

In the construction industry, fatal workplace violence is less common and perhaps even more shocking than a tragic death from a fall or another accident. A recent shooting has perhaps brought new fears to workers who may already have safety concerns on their minds.


An act of violence leaves two dead

In October, the New York Times reported that an apparent murder-suicide occurred on a construction site in Midtown Manhattan. According to the Times, witnesses stated that a 37-year-old foreman at the site was shot to death by a carpenter with whom he had quarreled recently and who had been dismissed from the job by the construction company, Sorbara Construction Corp.

According to the Times, the shooting happened on the 37th floor of a job site on West 59th Street. The shooter subsequently took his own life elsewhere in the building. It was unclear how he was able to gain admittance to the site.

More safety fears

Unfortunately, shootings have become a regular part of our daily news feed. Should New York City construction workers fear for their physical safety in more ways than one? Has the stress of construction work played a role in recent job site deaths? What responsibility do builders and contractors bear for keeping their sites safe and secure?

These kinds of questions can be answered by an experienced construction injury attorney. If you or one of your family members has experienced a serious workplace injury, get the legal advice you need.


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