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NYC construction worker’s deadly fall — WITH a safety harness on

New York City construction workers continue to die because some contractors refuse to follow basic safety rules. This was the case with a 43-year-old worker who fell to his death — while wearing a safety harness. Sadly, the harness wasn’t connected to a safety strap. Providing a worker with a harness is pointless unless a proper anchorage point is available to tie off the harness and the worker is properly instructed to tie off the harness.

According to the New York Post, the worker fell from a platform on the 29th floor of the 1 Seaport residential tower, which is under construction on Maiden Lane in lower Manhattan. Many people look at this type of tragic, preventable death and marvel: Why would a builder disregard such an important guideline — in this case, a directive to secure the safety of employers working at heights, per New York’s important Scaffold Law?

Disregarding safety guidelines that save workers’ lives

Many worker deaths are attributable to the negligence of builders and project owners. According to the Post, Abbey Associates, the builder of the 670-foot luxury tower, had been fined for nine violations in 2017 alone, including at least one violation related, amazingly, to the use of a crane without a permit. The city’s Department of Buildings reportedly placed a stop-work order on 1 Seaport after the worker’s death, but it was too late to save the life of the father of five.

Unfortunately, some developers and owners are more concerned about making money than they are about the physical safety of their employees. In their quest to complete lucrative projects as quickly and profitably as possible, these project owners dangerously refuse to follow established safety rules, often at the expense of the lives of vulnerable construction workers. 

If it happens to you or a loved one

If the unthinkable has happened to one of your family members, get the legal advice you need. You may be able to recoup significant money damages by bringing a third-party claim (lawsuit) against the responsible party.


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