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After a construction injury: Will I lose money without a lawyer?

Nobody wants to get hurt on a New York City construction job, but it happens all the time. Being laid up is frustrating, and it can cause a variety of financial and emotional problems. Financial protection and good medical care help, of course, but workers would rather get up in the morning and go to work.

Speaking of financial protection, you deserve answers to several important questions if you or a loved one was hurt while working construction:

  • How will you know if you are getting all the money damages you are entitled to after an accident?
  • Should you be receiving compensation over a longer period of time?
  • Is workers’ comp sufficient to cover your lost income and other losses?
  • Will all your medical costs be covered in the long term?
  • Does your case go beyond workers’ comp because a third party (someone or something other than you and your employer) caused or is responsible for the injury?

Every accident case is different

This sounds obvious, but we need to say it. When you consider elements like the type and severity of the injury or injuries, the circumstances and factors that caused the work accident, and the ultimate responsibility for problem, no two cases are the same. Which means your case is not worth the exact same amount as other cases that may seem similar.

Insurance companies, including liability and workers’ comp insurance carriers, will always pay out as little as they can — it’s just how they do business. It is tremendously important to have the advice of an attorney. Among other things, a lawyer can advise you on:

  • Whether you have a case
  • What steps you need to take to assert your claim
  • What deadlines must be complied with

These basic questions have to be answered before anyone should bother asking, “How much is my case worth?” — but it is likely that your case is worth more with an experienced attorney representing you.


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