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Manhattan’s construction explosion: More work, but more possibility of injury

Manhattan is bursting with huge construction projects — downtown, midtown and uptown — including residential and mixed-use buildings. With one of the world’s tallest residential towers at 432 Park Avenue, two enormous new skyscrapers being erected on West 57th Street, extensive development by Columbia, NYU and Cornell, and countless other projects in the works, New York developers are competing for bragging rights. And there is plenty of opportunity for workers.

But what happens to you and your family if you are injured on the job? Medical bills, lost income, suffering and stress — these things tend to accompany a serious construction injury. What do you need to know if an accident occurs?

Be prepared with knowledge

It goes without saying that you are safe and professional in your work. There are safety rules in place for a reason, and you follow them.

But equipment can fail, jobs can be rushed, and pressure can be placed on workers to move too quickly. Non-union sites can be more dangerous than union sites. You need to be prepared in case something does happen. You need to know that you have legal rights that may go beyond workers’ comp.

Covering medical bills and being properly compensated

Workers’ compensation can help cover medical costs and some of your lost wages when you get hurt. Many injury cases go beyond workers’ comp into the realm of third-party claims, which allow the injured worker and his or her family to recover money damages for conscious pain and suffering, as well the full amount of lost earnings, including future lost earnings and impaired earning capacity. 

Get advice from a Manhattan firm that focuses on construction injuries

No two accidents are the same. It is essential to talk to an experienced construction injury attorney about whether a third-party claim is applicable in your case. There is no substitute for a locally-based firm that knows the city, the courts, the law and the construction industry.

Reputable injury firms offer a free, confidential consultation to injured workers and their families. Make sure you get the legal advice you need to make informed choices. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


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