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When profit overrides safety: NYC construction deaths in windy conditions

As sad as it seems, some fatal construction accidents are preventable. In New York City, there is a long and significant history of catastrophic construction accidents that have one problematic thing in common: windy conditions under which people probably shouldn’t have been working in the first place. 

On November 22, the New York Times reported that two construction workers were accidentally killed earlier on that “gusty day” in Queens. A 6500-pound steel beam dropped four stories from a crane. Unfortunately for the two workers who died, winds reportedly exceeded 30 miles per hour that day.

Loosened safety rules and dead workers

To some observers, the unfortunate part of this tragic case is that it might not have happened a few months earlier. After a devastating February crane collapse killed a commuter in lower Manhattan, city safety rules were temporarily tightened by Mayor Bill de Blasio: Crawler cranes were required to stop operating if winds reached 20 miles per hour or gusts hit 30 miles per hour.

The November Queens accident occurred after the rule expired, according to the Times. Some people believe the two workers may have lost their lives because profit was deemed more important than worker safety.

What you need to know if you or a family member is hurt

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