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Construction workers killed in Brooklyn — by their own equipment

At least two construction workers lost their lives in Brooklyn during the month of October 2016. According to news reports, one worker was struck by a crane hook, and another was hit by a shackle that snapped off the pile drilling machine he was using.

These tragic events serve as reminders that construction work is dangerous. It can be far more hazardous when equipment fails or is faulty, even when an employer believes that every safety rule is being followed. Make sure you know what steps to take if you or one of your family members gets hurt.

Protecting your rights after a serious construction injury

Contractors and subcontractors want to be successful and profitable. They may want their workers to do well, too. Many accidents can be prevented through proper safety measures, while others seem to happen despite everyone’s best intentions.

What should you do if you or one of your family members is seriously hurt on a construction site? Sure, the injured worker may receive workers’ compensation, but that may be only the beginning.

Three basic steps you should follow

Keep these essential steps in mind if someone you care about is injured on the job:

  1. Report all injuries right away
  2. Seek appropriate medical care immediately
  3. Talk to an experienced attorney about a possible third-party claim

Workers’ comp may not be enough to cover your medical needs and future income loss. If appropriate to your situation, a third-party claim can be used to secure further compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, loss of life, or other damages.

Regardless of your position, seniority, union membership or even your immigration status, there is no harm in confidentially discussing your injuries with a construction accident lawyer. Obtaining legal advice can safeguard you and your family from financial problems and ensure that your rights are protected.

If you are unsure about talking to an attorney about an accident, just do it. You have nothing to lose.


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