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Why a construction site is no place for a fatigued worker

From road-repair workers to high-rise builders, construction workers are responsible for maintaining and updating New York City so that it can run smoothly and successfully for decades to come. Residents in our city rely on these men and women to keep our city running and we expect them to do so in a safe and responsible manner.

But when construction workers allow fatigue to set in while on the job, they are not only putting their own lives in danger, they are risking the lives of New Yorkers around them. That’s because the negligent decision to continue working while fatigued can be a dangerous one, leading to serious accidents that could have tragic consequences.

As our readers may remember from our post last year about the truck accident that injured Tracy Morgan, fatigue can lead to serious or even fatal accidents. That’s because fatigue has nearly the same effect as alcohol. It dulls a person’s senses, creating lapses in attention that can have deadly consequences.

For construction workers, fatigue is particularly dangerous because of the work they do and the machinery they use in their everyday work. From cranes to large hauler trucks, operating machinery while fatigued can easily result in a costly mistake. Because of lapses in attention, a crane operator could accidentally push the wrong lever, dropping heavy materials on people below. For truck drivers, unawareness of surroundings could mean accidentally running over another person or colliding with something else.

At our firm, we know how dangerous the construction industry is already. We also know that working while fatigued is a negligent decision that can only make situations more treacherous. It’s important for victims of construction accidents to know though that they can seek legal representation after an accident. If their injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, then they may be owed compensation. Obtaining the right legal counsel can help and is highly advised for all New Yorkers.


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