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The damage done in New York City by drunk drivers

Every season of the year has its own big holidays: summer has the Fourth of July and Labor Day. Autumn is filled with Halloween and Thanksgiving. Winter gives us Christmas, New Year’s and the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday, while the end of spring is marked by Memorial Day.

Each one has its own special festivities, and each festivity is celebrated by some with alcoholic beverages. In far too many cases, that’s where the trouble and danger lie: in the mixing of alcohol and driving. Each year, New York City witnesses car accident tragedies involving serious injuries and fatalities needlessly caused by drunken drivers.

At Arye, Lustig & Sassower, P.C., one of our goals is to help the victims of drunken driving hold accountable those responsible for their losses. Those losses can be simply devastating, as well as priceless and irreplaceable: loved ones. A family that loses a beloved member to a drunk driver is never going to be the same. But those left behind often have powerful motivation to fight for justice in the name of the fallen sibling, parent or child.

In other cases, the losses involve serious, life-changing injuries to one of our clients; injuries that can mean they wind up saddled with enormous hospital and doctor bills, multiple surgeries, long periods of recuperation away from work (and their incomes), pain, rehabilitation and much more.

In representing clients who have lost a loved one, or been injured in a motor vehicle accident, one of our most important jobs is to learn how life has changed for the victims; to understand their pain and losses. We also strive to understand the exact circumstances of the crash; a task that can require detailed investigations of the causes of the collisions, including speeding, reckless driving, failure to negotiate turns, etc.

There is simply no excuse for destroying lives by combining alcohol with driving. Our job is to hold that person responsible. Sometimes we can negotiate a favorable settlement with the driver and their insurance company, helping our client avoid trial. In other cases, insurers are intractable, compelling us to vigorously prosecute your claims in court.

Please see our drunken driving accidents page for more information about our personal injury and wrongful death law firm now entering its 50th year. 


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