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Local fire director hits three kids in crosswalk

His job is to help keep the residents of his community safe, but an area fire director has a record of endangering people when he’s behind the wheel of a vehicle, NBC New York reports. The man recently struck three children in a crosswalk, breaking the leg of one of the two 14-year-old girls crossing the street. He also hit a 6-year-old boy with the SUV owned by the city of New Brunswick.

The pedestrian accident was reportedly the 19th crash the fire director has on his 38-year driving record. 

Just six weeks ago, the man was in another motor vehicle accident. He had one last year and two wrecks the year before that. In 2009, he had three more accidents and in 2008, three others.

In addition, the fire director has had his driver’s license suspended 18 times. He has also received multiple speeding tickets, the TV station reports.

Add it all up and it might well make some wonder why the city administrators of New Brunswick trusted him enough to give him the keys to a municipal vehicle.

After the latest accident, he was ticketed for careless driving and for failure to yield.

He was also cited in at least one of his many previous accidents, according to state records.

Of the traffic tickets he has received, five were for speeding, including one for going 44 mph in a 25 mph zone.

When pedestrians are injured by speeding, distracted or otherwise careless drivers, they should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney before they discuss with an insurance company any offered settlement.

Source: NBC New York, “Fire Official Who Hit Children in New Jersey Crosswalk Has 19 Car Accidents on Record,” Brian Thompson, May 10, 2014


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