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Work accident trends in New York

Construction workers can be particularly affected by workplace accident trends. Construction sites, which can place workers high above the ground, the path of large machinery or many other hazards, are known for dangers. Because of this, a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report that showed a decrease in nonfatal injuries and accidents last year may be good news for construction workers.

A news release by the federal agency showed that about 146,000 nonfatal injuries and illnesses were reported last year by private employers in New York employers. That results in an injury rate of about 2.5 per 100 full-time equivalent workers. In 2011, there were about 163,000 nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported among private employers in New York, or an injury rate of 2.9 per 100 full-time equivalent workers.

According to the BLS, New York is one of eight states that had a significant decrease in the private industry rate of recorded injuries or illnesses last year. The state is one of 15 with an injury or illness rate below the national average of 3.4.

The decreasing injury rates may not be all good news for the construction industry, however. BLS statistics showed construction workers in New York were injured at a higher rate than other types of workers. Construction workers had an injury or illness rate of 3.5 per 100 workers.

In addition, the BLS released fatal injury statistics for New York separately. In 2012, New York City had 75 fatal workplace injuries or illnesses. The construction industry had 20 of those deaths, an increase of 4 from 2011. The rest of the state had 121 fatal workplace injuries and illnesses during 2012.

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