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Cement truck driver killed after crashing into NYC building

For construction workers, the dangers of their job extend beyond the construction site. In addition to falls, electrocution hazards and equipment accidents at a construction site, workers may also face dangers on the road. Recently, a construction worker was killed when the cement truck he was driving crashed into a building in New York City.

The truck was an 80,000-pound cement pumper used for construction of high rises. The crash occurred at a three-story building near an off-ramp from the Major Deegan Expressway. According to news reports, the cement truck left the expressway and struck two cars before plowing into the three-story building. A witness said the truck came off the highway, went over the grass and straight into the building. The witness said the driver was honking his horn. Another witness said the impact sounded like a bomb going off.

    When it was over, the truck driver was dead – possibly of a heart attack – and two other occupants of the truck were taken to the hospitals. At least two others suffered minor injuries.

    Three people were home at the time of the accident. A family member said they were uninjured but were emotionally shaken. Their home was severely damaged. Chunks of the building fell to the ground when workers removed the truck nearly three hours after the accident.

    After a serious accident like this one, an investigation will be required to determine just what caused the accident and what could be done to prevent it. Did the worker have a heart attack as suspected? Was the truck properly maintained? Did it malfunction? Is the off-ramp safe? The outcome of an investigation could determine the options for compensation available to the deceased man’s family, the injured people as well as the property owners.

    Source: CBS New York, “Cement Truck Crashes Into Bronx Building; Driver Killed,” January 20, 2013

    • Our law firm represents workers in New York who are injured or killed in construction accidents. To learn more about our practice, visit our page on construction accidents.


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