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Worker killed in collapse of retaining wall

Construction workers are supposed to be protected by rules and regulations designed to keep construction sites safe. Rules require workers to be educated and protected from falls and falling objects that could cause serious injury or death. Despite these safety precautions, however, workers continue to die in construction accidents every year. In one recent New York construction accident, one worker was killed when a retaining wall collapsed on him.

The site was being used to work on the Catskill Aqueduct, which brings water into New York City. Work is underway to connect the Catskill Aqueduct and the Delaware Aqueduct. A contractor was using the site for a concrete demonstration.

The accident happened when a retaining wall collapsed on three workers at the site as concrete was poured. One person was killed; it took emergency workers hours to lift the wall off his body. Two others were injured, including a worker who was flown to a medical center for treatment of multiple, serious injuries.

Police are investigating, and a spokesman for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection said the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would also conduct a thorough investigation into the accident.

People who are injured or killed in construction accidents may be able to obtain money damages from negligent parties. An experienced attorney can evaluate an accident for potential legal claims.


Source: New York Daily News, “One dead, two injured after retaining wall collapse at upstate New York construction site,” Sasha Goldstein, Dec. 2, 2013

  • Our law firm represents people who have been injured or killed by falling objects and wall collapses at construction sites in the New York City area. For more information, visit our page on falling objects.


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