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Worker in aerial lift injured when truck falls over

Construction workers have a risk of falling any time they are suspended in the air, and the falls can happen for many reasons. In one recent accident, a construction worker was injured when a truck fell over while he worked from an aerial bucket attached to it.

The man was a worker for the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA). He was working on power lines inside tree branches in Plainview at the time of the construction accident. The man was suspended from an aerial bucket attached to the truck when the truck toppled about 8:50 a.m. He fell to the ground and was injured.

Emergency crews responded and treated the injured worker. He was placed on a gurney and taken to the trauma unit of a hospital. His condition and identity were not immediately identified. LIPA was using a specialized crane to place the truck upright, and authorities were on scene. The cause of the accident had not yet been determined.

Construction accidents like this one can have many causes. A worker – or more than one worker – may make an error or be distracted. A truck may have defective equipment or be improperly maintained.

The cause of an accident is important. If a third party, such as a manufacturer or a person not employed by the worker’s company contributed to the accident, the injured worker may be able to hold that person accountable through a third-party claim for money damages for their losses.

Source: Farmingdale Patch, “LIPA Worker Injured Nearby After Truck Tips Over,” Joe Dowd, Aug. 9, 2013

  • Our law firm represents workers who have been injured in construction accidents. To learn more about our practice, see our page on falls from heights.


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