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Two drivers injured in New York scaffolding accident

Scaffolds can be dangerous enough for construction workers. Falls and other scaffolding accidents are frequent causes of construction worker injury and death, but scaffolds pose other dangers. One recent car accident that sent two drivers to the hospital involved scaffolding.

The crash occurred at about 5 p.m. one evening, when a car left a parking garage and hit an SUV. The SUV was in front of a metal frame that supported 12 stories of scaffolding. Their cars ran onto the sidewalk and hit the scaffolding. The drivers were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Safety officials put two temporary wooden braces to support the scaffolding. News reports did not mention whether any construction workers were on the scaffolding at the time or whether they were hurt. It was lucky for all involved that the scaffolding did not collapse. When scaffolding collapses, pedestrians and others in the area can be injured, not to mention construction workers who are depending on the scaffolding to keep them safe as they work high above the ground.

The accident brings to mind a news story this blog discussed recently. In that accident, a driver crashed into scaffolding on a congested street. The scaffolding collapsed, and 12 people were injured. All were walking nearby when the scaffolding came crashing down. Given the realities of life in a crowded city, scaffolding can pose dangers to both construction workers and passerby in the event of an accident or other scaffolding failure. These dangers are why it is so important for construction companies and others to make sure that scaffolding is safe and without defects.

Source:, Two Drivers Hurt After Crashing Into Scaffolding in Midtown, Brian Graham and Ben Fractenberg, April 16, 2013


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