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Scaffolding collapses in New York accident, 12 injured

People across New York know how congested the roads can get. When the traffic on the roads combines with the seemingly endless construction that is often going on, pedestrians and motorists can get overwhelmed by all the activity and may not be able to avoid dangerous situations. Scaffolding that is generally erected outside of buildings under construction can take over sidewalks, making it very difficult for pedestrians to get around safely.

Recently, the dangers of construction and congestion clashed when a car crashed into scaffolding and ended up injuring 12 people in New York. All of the people who were injured were walking nearby when the scaffolding came crashing down. When scaffolding collapses in accidents like this one, workers who are on the scaffolding and those beneath it can be critically injured.

According to reports, the driver of a sedan ran through a bus stop and crashed into a sidewalk shed. There were several people injured in the accident, including a 2-year-old child and his mother who suffered life-threatening illnesses, two others who also suffered critical injures, five who were seriously injured and others who were also hurt.

So far, none of the people appear to have been on the scaffolding when it was hit, but the fact that it collapsed likely played a role in the severity of the overall accident. An investigation is underway, and besides the condition of the driver, it is likely that authorities will look into whether the scaffolding was properly built. If there were vulnerabilities in the structure resulting from poor construction or defective materials, the construction company may be cited for negligence in this accident.

Scaffolding is necessary when a building is being constructed or renovated, and working on these structures can be very dangerous. If a person falls from scaffolding or it collapses, people working on the scaffolding and those walking beneath it can be seriously injured.

Source: NBC New York, “12 Hurt in Brooklyn After Car Jumps Curb, Crashes into Scaffolding,” April 1, 2013

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