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Trucker cited for trucking violations, food safety violations

There are many reasons that a police officer may decide to pull over a truck driver. Often times, it is because a trucker is driving recklessly or there appears to be something wrong with the truck itself. In either case, police may suspect that a trucker is in violation of any number of state or federal trucking regulations. By taking action to pull over a trucker before violations lead to a serious truck accident, police are keeping other New York motorists and residents safe.

Negligent truckers and trucking companies are not only a threat to other motorists on the road, but also to those who use the cargo transported by the large vehicles. If the owner or operator of a truck fails to comply with safe driving standards, what other safety practices could they be ignoring?

Recently, police officers in one state were able to uncover some extreme negligence when they stopped a trucker on the highway for a routine traffic violation. After speaking with the driver, the officers conducted a commercial vehicle inspection of the truck in order to locate any hazardous conditions. They spotted a brown substance leaking from the back of the unrefrigerated truck and asked the driver to open up the back door.

When the back door was open, police were shocked to see that there was raw chicken sitting out on top about 200 pounds of vegetables and other food that was being delivered to a local restaurant. People understand that there are safe handling procedures that must be done when it comes to the storage and cooking of chicken, and leaving out raw chicken to taint other foods is extremely unsafe. The cargo was declared unfit for human consumption and the trucker receive 11 commercial vehicle violations.

Had the food been delivered to the restaurant, it is possible that any person who consumed the food delivered by the truck could have gotten very sick.

Trucking companies and the drivers they hire are often tasked with transporting hazardous, heavy or vulnerable cargo that must be delivered safely. Unfortunately, some companies are more interested in making money than they are in complying with safety regulations. When this negligence leads to injuries or illness of other parties, victims have the right to pursue compensation from the parties responsible.

Source: WTHR, “Truck driver cited for food safety violations,” March 18, 2013


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