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Jackknifed truck causes serious pileup in New York

Truck drivers and trucking companies have an increased responsibility to operate and maintain their vehicles properly. In the event of an accident, these enormous trucks can do serious damage to other motorists. Because of this, there are state and federal regulations with which commercial drivers must comply. Those who do not take this responsibility seriously can end up causing extensive damage in a truck accident.

Because the roads in New York can be treacherous at times, these truck drivers must take additional precautions when travelling through the state. Weather and traffic congestion can have a significant impact on road conditions so all motorists must make sure they are operating their vehicles safely. However, the difference between a car losing control on a dangerous road and a truck losing control can be very significant.

A car that skids on an icy road may slide off the road or cause a collision with another car. When a trucker loses control of a rig, however, it can result in road closures, massive pileups and numerous injuries. This recently happened in New York when a tractor trailer ended up jackknifed on the highway. At least 10 cars were affected by a pileup when cars could not avoid the truck and crashed into the side of it. Minor injuries were reported after the accident.

A jackknifed truck can become a serious hazard on the road. Equipment failure, skidding and improper braking by the driver can all cause the back end of a trailer to fold forward towards the cab of a truck and make it impossible for the truck to move. When a truck jackknifes suddenly, cars next to and behind the truck can get involved in a serious wreck.

In an accident with a truck, it can be crucial for victims to work with an attorney who understands why and how these crashes happen. Many trucking companies and insurers will try to deny or minimize their role in an accident, but with legal representation, victims can pursue compensation for their injuries.

Source: Your News Now, “Truck crash leads to ten car pileup,” Feb. 11, 2013


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