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Fatal accident involving paparazzo reignites debate

New York is a place full of residents, tourists and celebrities who are in a rush to just get from one place to another. With all the activity and congestion that comes with millions of people crowding into the city on a daily basis, the unfortunate reality is that car accidents are bound to happen. While some of these events cannot always be prevented, others are a direct result of reckless behavior. In some circumstances, it can be difficult to figure out which may be the case.

Residents in New York have likely been discussing the recent tragic accident that involved a celebrity photographer who was killed. The debate between celebrities and paparazzi has been well-documented, and many people are hopeful that after this latest accident, steps can be taken to protect both the photographers and their subjects going forward. In this immediate situation, the paparazzo was killed by a car while he was trying to take a picture of who he thought was Justin Bieber.

The 29-year-old photographer had spotted a Ferrari being driven by someone who he believed to be teen pop star Justin Bieber. The man started following the car in his own when the Ferrari was pulled over by police. In an attempt to get an exclusive shot, the paparazzo got out of his car and crossed the street to get a better angle by standing on a freeway railing. While he was taking photos of a person who turned out not to be Bieber, the photographer was struck and killed by a 69-year-old woman who has not been cited for the accident.

The situation has reignited the debates regarding the safety of paparazzi and celebrities when they are driving. People may drive recklessly to avoid photographers or they may speed and disregard traffic signals in an attempt to follow a celebrity. At the end of the day, however, people’s lives can be put in danger. These days, celebrity photographers are spotted in nearly every place that a celebrity is. It may be time to formalize some guidelines and laws regarding these figures so that no person, whether a celebrity, photographer or bystander, is hurt by a negligent driver.

Source:, “Bieber calls for tough rules after paparazzo death,” Greg Risling, Jan. 3, 2013


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