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Trucker facing charges of reckless driving after major spill

Truck drivers have a duty to operate their commercial-sized vehicles in a responsible and safe manner. These drivers are even required to have a special class of driver’s license because of this increased liability behind the wheel. Often, trucks are carrying very heavy or dangerous cargo and any violation of federal or state laws related to trucking and transportation can put other motorists in serious danger.

Trucking accidents can have significant impacts on those who are involved. In terms of a crash, victims in other vehicles are often catastrophically injured or killed. Even without a collision, a truck can do some major harm if they are operated irresponsibly. If a truck driver defies laws governing maximum weights or cargo restrictions, they can do serious damage to roads and bridges. Neglecting their duty to drive safely can mean that truckers can make poor decisions behind the wheel, causing a truck to tip over and spill, doing damage to property and injuring people in the area.

Recently, a truck driver was cited for causing a serious accident that affected drivers for miles from the scene. According to reports, a tractor-trailer was on an exit ramp of a highway when the driver swerved off the road and struck a wall. The impact from this hit caused the entire truck to spill over, dumping the tons of construction material and debris it was carrying on the cars below the flyover ramp. Traffic was stopped for hours and though no injuries have been reported yet, several cars were likely damaged from the massive spill.

Police investigated the accident and discovered that the truck involved in the accident had numerous equipment violations and police decommissioned the truck to get it off the road. The driver was charged with reckless driving for causing the accident. It is possible that both the driver and the trucking company that owns the rig can be held responsible for the damage that was done in the accident, as well as any injuries that may have been sustained. Drivers and truck owners may both be liable in an accident that involves poorly maintained equipment and negligent drivers.

Source: CBS DC, “Driver of Exit Ramp Tractor-Trailer Crash Deemed ‘Reckless’,” Dec. 4, 2012

  • Our firm supports victims who have been injured in a crash with a negligent or reckless truck driver. For more information, please visit our New York truck accidents page.


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