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1 man dies, 2 injured in scaffolding collapse

People across New York are used to seeing scaffolding around buildings under construction. Whether the construction is to build a new structure or renovate an existing one, scaffolding is often necessary to get the job done. These temporary structures are erected around a building so that workers can safety access different levels and areas.

If it is built and maintained properly, scaffolding can be a great tool for construction workers. However, if it is put together carelessly or with substandard materials, scaffolding can present a serious hazard to anyone working on or around it. If these temporary structures fail or collapse, people can suffer broken bones or be crushed. These types of injuries can often be fatal.

Recently, three men were working on the construction of a new elementary school in another state. The work day had just begun when the scaffolding around the building collapsed. The three workers on the site were all injured in the accident as the 30-foot structure came crashing down. The victims were rushed to the hospital. Sources indicate that two of the men suffered serious injuries while the third man later died from the injuries he sustained in the fall.

The site is now under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They will likely be looking into whether the scaffolding was built properly with suitable materials or not, as well as other factors that may have contributed to the devastating collapse. Scaffolding collapses and falls on construction sites can result in serious injuries and fatalities so it is essential that any carelessness or negligence is identified and punished appropriately.

Source: WHNT, “Man Dies In Construction Accident In DeKalb County,” Carson Clark and Robert Richardson, Dec. 18, 2012

  • Our firm works with victims of various construction site accidents. For more information on how we can help people in New York who have been involved in accidents similar to the one discussed in this post, please visit our page on ladder and scaffolding accidents.


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