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Woman’s family files wrongful death suit after fatal car accident

In the aftermath of a fatal car accident, a victim’s family can be devastated. Losing a loved one unexpectedly in a car crash is far too common, but every situation is different and needs to be properly investigated to find out what went wrong. However, one tragic similarity in many fatal crashes is the finger-pointing that goes on afterwards and a negligent party’s refusal to take responsibility.

Without the voice of the victim to explain what happened in an accident, it is up to his or her family to speak for the victim. Many families choose to do this by filling a wrongful death lawsuit against the other person involved in the accident. By filing this type of lawsuit, families can get one step closer to finding out what really happened and get a sense of justice for the person who was killed.

Recently, a young woman died after she rear-ended a city maintenance truck that was stopped on the highway. The woman’s family was already devastated by the news of her death, but insult was added to injury when the city not only refused to admit any fault in the accident but then accused the woman of texting at the time of the accident.

An investigation into the crash, however, showed that the woman had not sent any texts, made any calls or engaged in any type of distracting activity immediately prior to the accident.

The victim’s family filed a wrongful death suit against the city for the accident. According to the lawsuit, the city did nothing to alert other motorists to the presence of a stopped vehicle on the highway. There were no warning signs, no trucks on the road that warn drivers of a stopped vehicle ahead. There were no cones, flashing lights or any other indication that a vehicle was stopped in the left lane of a highway.

The victim’s family says they have suffered at least $10 million in damages after the loss of the woman. Her mother, father and sister are not only dealing with the loss, but also the false accusations and blame that are being directed at the victim by the city. By filing this lawsuit against the city, the family may be able to hold them publicly accountable for their negligence, collect financial compensation and hopefully improve highway procedures to prevent this type of accident from happening again.

Source:, “Family sues city over young woman’s death in crash,” Todd Cooper, Oct. 27, 2012


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