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New York man hit by police vehicle billed for damage

Having an experienced legal team is crucial when it comes to most personal injury lawsuits, as that team can help defend and protect the rights of victims. The unfortunate reality is that there are times when people will try to take advantage of victims after certain instances, such as a car accident.

For example, a case in New York came to light after a 25-year-old pedestrian in Manhattan claimed the city sent him a bill for damage to a police officer’s vehicle after the car hit him when he was crossing at an intersection.

The man said he had a green light when crossing the road, even though police are claiming the officer had the green light. The victim said he was treated for minor injuries after falling on his wrist. During the incident, he said he was hit in the leg by the vehicle before colliding with the side mirror. He said although he had been drinking, it had not been enough to affect his walking. In addition, the man said the fact that he has a hearing aid also played no role in the accident.

In addition to the vehicle bill, the man received a bill from the hospital and ambulance that transported him. Though it was paid for, the victim’s family sued the city to recover the lost funds. However, it was not the final bill the man was given. After the patrol car was repaired, the city’s law firm said the man had to cover the cost.

After word got out about the situation, the police department admitted it had made a mistake and said it would be more careful.

The incident was the second time the city threatened to sue an accident victim if they did not pay.

Source: NY Daily News, “Man billed for patrol car damage after being struck,” Rocco Parascandola, Nov. 11, 2012


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