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$2 million awarded to New York man after fall from scaffolding

Construction sites can be very dangerous places for workers and even bystanders to be. In order to make areas that are under construction safer, a number of federal safety regulations and procedures are put in place. Companies must comply with these requirements or risk being held responsible for a serious accident.

One of the sights commonly found on sites where construction crews are working on new buildings or a renovation project is scaffolding. For many of these projects, scaffolding is necessary as it provides the temporary structure workers need to access certain areas and complete construction tasks. Despite the necessity of these structures, working on scaffolding can be very dangerous. They can fall, collapse or break putting workers in danger of being catastrophically or fatally injured.

Recently, a New York man was awarded $2 million after he was hurt in a scaffolding accident. He was part of a construction crew that was making repairs to a dormitory at Binghamton University. He was working on the fifth level of the building when the scaffolding bridge beneath him collapsed. He crashed to the ground, breaking his elbow and suffering a serious brain injury. Since the crash more than two years ago, he continues to experience persistent dizziness, cognitive issues, memory loss and headaches.

A court ruled that the managing company of the project is financially responsible for the accident. According to reports, the scaffolding had been erected one day earlier and had already collapsed once before the man began his work. Instead of making sure the structure was sound, the scaffolding was not inspected before they used it and was missing the necessary safety chains to keep it in place. The construction company named in the lawsuit was held liable for the resulting damage. In order to compensate the man for his past and future injuries, medical bills and lost wages, a jury awarded more than $2 million to the victim.

Source:, “Jury awards $2 million to man hurt in Binghamton U. accident,” Steve Reilly, Oct. 31, 2012

  • Construction sites are dangerous places to work. In fact, there are special legal protections in place for those who work on scaffolding. For more information on this topic, please visit our page on scaffolding accidents and falls in New York.
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