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New York teenagers cause accident with bus

In New York and across the country, law enforcement has been focused on keeping drivers safe by cracking down on distracted or reckless driving. Drivers who are not paying attention to the road or are speeding or ignoring traffic laws pose a serious threat on the road because they can be responsible for causing a serious car accident. An additional threat on the road may be less easy to spot and impossible to stop: teen drivers.

The thought that teens are a danger on the road isn’t just because young people are more impulsive and reckless. The reality is that teens simply do not have enough experience on the road, which can make their reactions and decisions unreliable. While teens are more immature in general when compared with adults, it is the continuing development of their driving skills that puts them in danger on the road.

Recently, four New York high school students were involved in an accident when the driver of their car smashed into the back of a school bus. No one on the bus was injured, and none of the four teens inside the car suffered any life-threatening injuries. However, the accident has brought up the subject of how safe teen drivers are on the road; especially when they are distracted by their phones or their passengers.

According to the National Safety Council, about 14 teens die every day in fatal motor vehicle accidents. In fact, these accidents are the number one cause of teenage death in this country. Experts believe that the combination of distraction and inexperience makes teens a serious risk behind the wheel.

A New York law was passed in 2010 that makes it illegal for drivers under the age of 18 to have any more than one passenger under 21 in the car with them, unless an adult is also with them. It is unknown at this point if the young man who drove into the back of the bus while carrying three other students was in violation of this law at the time of the crash.

Sadly, driver inattention and inexperience cannot always be prevented. Some drivers choose to ignore the traffic laws or fail to operate their vehicle safely, and they can cause a serious or fatal car accidents In these situations, victims may certainly choose to pursue compensation for damages from the negligent driver at responsible.

Source: Democrat and Chronicle, “Horrific Brighton crash shines light on teen driving,” Justin Murphy, Oct. 10, 2012

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