Cases: Struck By Equipment

  • $900,000 settlement for 51-year old electrician who was struck by pieces of kindorf (10-foot lengths of galvanized steel) that were being improperly transported by the plumbing subcontractor. The pieces of kindorf struck her in the shoulder with resulting rotator cuff injury that required surgery.
  • $700,000 settlement for 47-year old electrician who tripped and fell due to a piece of plywood on the floor that was warped and constituted a tripping hazard, with resulting injuries to both knees, back and neck. Our client required arthroscopic surgery for the torn meniscus of each knee.
  • $2.375 million settlement for 44-year old laborer working on job site who was struck in back by manlift operated by another trade, with neck injury requiring cervical fusion, and with low back sprain and shoulder tendinitis.
  • $435,000 settlement for 48-year old electrician who was struck by a wheel barrow being pushed by a concrete worker, with resulting knee injury.